Real time collaboration. Instant musical messaging.


Capture, transmission and synchronized reproduction of distributed digital media

Practice your music and collaborate with others like you never did before.

Loopealo is the perfect tool to learn, practice or create unique content, with minimal requeriments and skills. Unleash your creativity.

loopealo is ideal for:


Teach remotely in an interactive fashion. Experiment a new way of transmitting and receiving knowledge.


Interact with your musicians and develop ideas in a simple and efficient way. Minimize costs and optimize your time.


Compose, practice and experiment different pieces of your songs collaboratively.

Main Features

Integrated drum machine

Multi device recording

Custom audio and video reference

Encrypted communication

Session share

Videocall and screen sharing

Exports and downloads

Web browser based

"I started using loopealo because I like to be on the edge of technology, honestly I don't have any doubts this is the future of music. The experience up until now has been pretty unique and enjoyable"
JC, Producer, musician and teacher

Our plans


  • integrated drum machine
  • multi-device recording
  • mp3/mp4 reference
  • videocall and screen share
  • 1 session
  • 2 exports per session


no limitations
  • integrated drum machine
  • multi-device recording
  • mp3/mp4 reference
  • videocall and screen share
  • unlimited sessions
  • unlimited exports

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use loopealo even though I'm not a professional musician?
Of course you can! loopealo is very simple and intuitive. Starting with your first steps into your music journey, loopealo will help you improve your technique and aquire new skills, at the same time your listening skills sharpens.
What devices do I need in order to use loopealo?
At least a good smartphone and earphones. The multi-device experince is a bit more interesting, because it allows you to split the app having a computer recording and a smartphone as the main interface. When using your computer, you will be able to connect your high end sound card to capture amazing loops. There are many different ways to connect to loopealo, and it will depend a lot on where you are phisically and what are your work tools. A good WiFi signal helps a whole lot.
What is the maximum number of participants on a session?
Real time collaboration in loopealo is always 1 to 1. Nevertheless, the host could cancel the active invitation and generate a new one for a different collaborator to connect to the same session. In other words, the host can collaborate with an infinite number of guests. The previous guest will still be able to use a reduced version of loopealo, but they will not be able to connect to a new session anymore. When a guest connects to the host session with a new invitation, they will receive the current 4 tracks and metronome.

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